Keeping the Family values alive since 1906

Hampshire Oil & Grease are based between Portsmouth and Southampton which covers a very large part of the south coast, ideally situated to service the lubrication needs for the Commercial, Industrial, Off Road, Plant, Agriculture and the Marine industries. Hampshire Oil & Grease can supply quality branded lubricants and works in partnership with Global companies to promote a wide range of lubricants specifically manufactured to give long term protection to all industries.

Hampshire Oil & Grease is the Fifth generation of a family who has has been supplying lubricating oil and grease since 1906 and having spent considerable time researching industries that are in need of good quality branded lubricants we feel we are able to offer a complete and professional package, including the transfer of bulk lubricants to all industries through to the full technical back up for the relevant engineers and operations managers that need the best.

Why choose Hampshire Oil & Grease?

Hampshire Oil & Grease consecrate on one thing being LUBRICANTS.

In doing this we do not dilute our time in other services and there for can only give you the very best service and support, in holding large amounts of stock to insure products are on hand for emergencies avoiding lengthy down time and delivering to our valid customers around the clock. This insures that you are only getting the very best service in the lubricants industry from Hampshire Oil & Grease.